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Phone: 285-3873

Email: jan@nedelka.org

169 Dover Point Road

Dover NH 03820-4611

Thank you for your support and the privilege of serving you for the last two years!  Further updates are not planned for the site at this time.

Jan Nedelka grew up on a dairy farm in New Hartford, Connecticut.  After graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelor of science degree in microelectronic engineering in 1996, he joined the research and development division of Eastman Kodak Company and was later promoted to a management position.  In 2005 he and his wife, Shannon, left their jobs in Rochester, NY, and moved to Dover, where they have purchased a home and started a family.  His wife is a radiologist with Seacoast Radiology.  Jan and Shannon have been married for seven years.  Their son, Griffin, was born in 2006.

Some people have asked how to pronounce Jan’s name.  It’s a Czech spelling of ‘John’, and is pronounced ‘Yahn’.

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